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Why Compatible Ink & Toner Cartridges Doesn¡¯t Void Your Printer Warranty

2015/8/4 20:36:12

A question that comes up again and again is whether or not using a compatible ink/toner cartridge (or any third-party cartridge, for that matter) will void a printer¡¯s factory warranty. The answer is NO.

Using third-party ink and toner cartridges has no effect on your printer¡¯s warranty. Many consumers believe that their printer can only use ink and toner from the original manufacturer. Wrong.

That would be like IKEA requiring a buyer to use IKEA-branded tools to assemble IKEA-branded furniture. A more fitting example might be Dell requiring you to use a Dell-branded mouse or USB thumb-drive on one of its computers. It is federally required that a manufacturer preserve its warranty regardless of whether or not the owner uses first- or third-party peripherals with the warrantied item.